I've created a few add-ons for TNG, plus amended some others:

World Maps

My world maps were created using an older version of the Google Maps API and you need to amend core files in TNG 8 and later to continue to make them work. I have therefore retired these mods and removed the download link. I have no plans to re-write these using the new API.

TNG Reports

The majority of these reports were downloaded off the web (somewhere that I've long since forgotten!). I've amended these reports in two ways; 1) a lot of the comments/column headings were in German and these have been removed or converted into English, 2) some of the reports didn't work if you had more than one Tree loaded into TNG, this has now been fixed on all reports, although on a couple I've had to hardcode the tree (either 01 or 02). Some reports are specific to my Tree such as having a hardcoded surname such as Willingale or using a specific event tag which may be different in your tree. It should be relatively easy for anyone to modify these particular reports to work with their tree.

Click here to download.

To install into TNG: Change the file extension from .txt to .bak, then FTP to your TNG backup folder. Then do a restore of the reports table (Admin > Utilities > Restore). THIS WILL OVERWRITE ANY EXISITING REPORTS THAT YOU HAVE.

Some of the reports (152 in total) include

  • Star signs
  • Twins & triplets
  • Occupations
  • Cause of death
  • Missing data; e.g. dates, parents
  • Frequency reports; birth, death etc
  • Maintenance; faulty dates, recent changes, incomplete families


This is a UK specific timeline with dates from 1499 to 2013. This is for TNG version 9.x ONLY, as earlier versions of TNG used a different timeline layout.

Click here to download timeline

To install into TNG: Change the file extension from .txt to .bak, then FTP to your TNG backup folder. Then do a restore of the timeline table (Admin > Utilities > Restore). THIS WILL OVERWRITE ANY EXISITING TIMELINES THAT YOU HAVE.

Report Search

This is a mod file for TNG 9.x that adds a search box to the reports page, so you can quickly find the report you want (useful if you have 152 reports)

Click here to download the Report Search mod file

To install just add this to your mods folder and installthe mod from Admin > Mod manager

Media Counts

On my Willingale site I use this code to display a list & count of the various media in the tree.


On my homepage site I use this code to count the total places in the tree, and count those places that have coordinates.

RSS Feed

This is a RSS feed that lists the last 10 media items added to TNG. It can be see in use on my Willingale site.

First Names

This mod create firstname and firstnames pages similar to the surnames page that comes with TNG.


This is provided as Mod Manager file on the TNG Forums, see also the TNG Wiki entry. To see the mod in action goto the Forename or Forenames pages


The TNGv8 version, which is provided as a Mod Manager file can be found HERE.


These are 8 new pages which list all the first names in the tree, similar to the surnames page. The first set of 4 list first and second names, the second set of 4 list just the first name on its own. (See the Forenames & Forename links on the navigation bar to the left). Also includes details of the edits needed to the main text.php & search.php files.

Tag Cloud

Creates a Tag Cloud of the most popular surnames in the tree. Can be seen on the homepage. Two files are provided tc.php and tc1.php, the first shows the cloud in alphabetical order, the second in a rendom order.

Search Media by Owner & Date

When adding media to TNG you can add details of the Owner or Source of the file along with the date of the media. Although this information is displayed along with the media, their is no native search functionality within TNG. This mod rectifies this deficiency.

The mod file can be download here see also the TNG Wiki entry

Some of the other mods, created by other users, that sI've used on my website include:

Age Calculation Mod

Google maps More Place Levels Mod

Ancestor Map Mod

Personal Table Maintenance