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I'm a bit of an amateur web designer; I've created the following sites

Essex Swimming
Willingale Genealogy
I've been interested in Genealogy since 1997, the main surnames I'm researching are:

Willingale Stein Wright Savill
Griggs French Bradd Burles
Ellingford Murrell Stebbings Brett
Downs Franklin Galley Hayes

Although many more are listed on my Genealogy pages, which are displayed using the 'TNG Genealogy' software programe.

If you are interested in the Willingale family name, please see the Willingale Family Society website.

Flying the Ark
This website is currently undergoing a bit a bit of a revamp, apologies for any broken links :-)
I'm studying with the Open University, below are links to my thoughts on some of the courses I've taken

T171 T209 TT28x
T205 TXR248 T184
TXR174 T305 M359
M364 T324